God uses prayer to bring about His predetermined will. Prayer does not change God’s mind. God not only ordains ends, He ordains the means that He uses to bring about those ends.

~ Craig R. Brown, The Five Dilemmas of Calvinism

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  1. Prayer changes us.

  2. This quote is absolutely wrong. There are many times in the Bible where a prayer changed God’s mind.

    • Reformed Quotes says:

      On the surface that may appear to be the case. For instance, in 2 Sam. 24 David sins against the Lord by numbering Israel and Judah. David chooses the punishment for his sin to be a pestilence sent on the people. God sends the pestilence “until the appointed time” (2 Sam. 24:15). At the appointed time David is sent by Gad to sacrifice to the Lord and pray that the pestilence be stopped. God responds to David’s sacrifice/prayer and stops the pestilence after 70,000 people died.

      It says that God “relented” (2 Sam. 24:16) of what He was going to do before He sent Gad to tell David to go pray/sacrifice for the pestilence to be stopped.

      This is what the quote is talking about. God had already appointed a time for the pestilence to be stopped and when that time came He relented of His destruction on the people and sent David to pray for Him to stop.

      Keep in mind that the only prayers God answers are those according to His will and His will is determined beforehand.

      In His grip,


      • mike thompson says:

        When God gets ready to do something then he gets his people to pray

      • If you Know God and He knows you, then what does it matter? A believer prays for God’s will to be done, changing it or not would seem to be irrelevant. What is most important of all would seem to be is your will in line with His? If it is then the whole argument becomes a mood point.

  3. Exodus 32.14, “So the Lord changed His mind about the harm which He said He would do to His people,” NASB. “Changed his mind” here is Hebrew for relent/repent. The apologetics website http://carm.org/exodus-3214-lord-changed-his-mind has a good explanation.

    • Reformed Quotes says:


      Thank you for that. I don’t think the author of the quote is saying that God never’s changes His mind. But that prayer is a secondary cause and not the primary cause of Him changing His mind. When He has determined to change His mind He inspires people to pray for His will. You can see my explanation below in response to another comment.

      In His grip,


  4. Prayer doesnt change God, it however changes us.

  5. Prayer does not change God but it does move God. God so moves on the individual so that the individual through believing prayer will in turn so move God. In this way, God is both sovereign over and in needful relationship with His created man.

    Such a holy partnership, this God – man relationship. A sovereign God and His yielded man, each moving in submissive selfless love; such a beautiful fail safe system is faith and prayer!

  6. Adebisi Ajayi says:

    Ha,prayer changes Gods intent and mind on the prayee.This same God says anything you ask in my name l will do unto you,He also said what you bind on earth is bind in heaven and what you loose in earth is loose in heaven.

  7. Travis Arnett says:

    It is nice to see God’s people care so much for prayer, or they wouldn’t waste the time arguing over it. I agree with all the lovely things said here except the open theism perspective of course. in Christ brother Travis

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