The complaint that church is boring is never made by people in awe.

~ RC Sproul

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  1. Phillip Nash says:

    Absolutely true. It’s also never boring for those who go to meet God rather than have their wants satisfied.

  2. That would only be a criticism in churches where the whole awesomeness of God is being preached in truth.

  3. Praise and Worship is always great…as long as Jesus is the Center , the Focus.It’s when it comes to the word…when God is preached asthis angry God or when it is preached that some things are Gods will when it doesn’t lineup with HIS word….it’s hard for me to sit and listen to error, it troubles me..I actactually feel like screaming…thats Not in the bible or that’s Not what . Who God is….as New Covenant Heirs. ..when we see Jesus. ..That is who God is NOW!!!!

  4. Church is where we go to meet with God’s standard. We are called to meet with Him each Sabbath and to measure ourselves against the Word given to us that day by the Holy Spirit. We always fall short and have homework to do. This authority is the only one worthy of awe…

  5. I agree. And if you are not in the word you will not be in awe of God.

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